Watermelon Polyhedral Dice Set for RPGS For DnD RPG

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Whether you just need a new set of dice, are starting as a first time DM, or in a new campaign, and want to gift your new players a set of affordable and readily available dice, Dice Market is the place to go.


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    A little underwhelming

    Posted by Rebeka on May 14th 2019

    The red and green layers are very strong but the white layer really disappointed me. The gold ink doesn't look very good and my set didn't seem to have very many "seeds". However, I reinked this set with white and I instantly fell in love with it. It made a world of difference.

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    One in Mellon

    Posted by Amelia on May 8th 2019

    The best BDE of the table. Nobody notices other dice which means you can pull multiple rolls with other dice behind their back.
    I roll sweet too when I am needed.

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    Really sweet design!

    Posted by Hayley W on May 1st 2019

    Got this set for my DM who goes by Melon and she said they’re her favorite dice she’s ever had and the most beautiful dice she’s ever seen!

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    An absolute delight

    Posted by Ashleigh Heaton on Apr 18th 2019

    This is easily one of my favorite sets! So much fun to roll. Beautiful colors and detail (just look at those tiny "seeds"!)

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    Watermelon? More like Want-A-Million!

    Posted by Jemma Jankwater on Apr 11th 2019

    Cannot stress enough how beautiful these are in person, the detail of the “seeds” is especially beautiful in the light, and the gold lettering really complements the design well. Rolls great thus far! Love ‘em.

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    Amazing set!

    Posted by Tatiana on Apr 3rd 2019

    It's awesome! These dice look just like the watermelon slices, and there are even the tiniest black 'seeds' inside, which is so cute!

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    adorable but not quite perfect

    Posted by spewbeard on Mar 17th 2019

    these dice are beautiful and clearly resemble watermelon. i think a few of them could be a bit better, there's a bit too much green on some, and i wouldve expected the d6 to have more seeds. the set i got looks very closely to the one pictured.

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    Juiciest Dice!!

    Posted by Ari on Mar 6th 2019

    I’ve honestly followed Kraken for the longest time solely for these dice. I’ve been dreaming for the day I’d be able to get my hands on these and when I finally did, my anticipation was not in vain.
    The green on these dice was beautifully pearlized and the clarity of the red contrasted well with the opacity of the milky white layer and the green. Seeing the black glitter solidified that these, were in fact, the watermelon dice I’ve been craving for.
    I absolutely recommend these dice for anyone who just wants a really unique set amongst their collection, I just love the idea of rolling a little watermelon into my dice tray as I narrate the campaign or play along.

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    Posted by Jaz on Feb 26th 2019

    All I could ask for and more! Will purchase from Krakendice again!