The Island of Misfit Dice

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While unpacking our latest shipment we stumbled upon some stowaways! They have found their way off of the island and are looking for new homes!

Each and every Kraken die is checked by hand for imperfections before we send it out to its new owner. These misfit dice are the ones that did not make the cut. Misfit dice sets want a home, a warm hand to caress them and that chance to roll a natural 20 to live up to their potential. Adopt a set and give these dice a chance to roll.

Each Misfit Dice set comes with a Certificate of Adoption so you can give your dice a name. 

* The dice in this set are B Grade and have cosmetic flaws, which may include, excess paint, not enough paint, small dents or scratches. A velvet dice bag is NOT included with the misfit dice.

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    Mismatched and SO charming

    Posted by Rose on Dec 13th 2018

    Ordered on a whim, and I couldn't be more pleased!! :D These dice are all so pretty and great quality. My order included a note with my favorite color, and ended up with a beautiful color theme in that neighborhood. (That was so thoughtful-- thank you!) I've since enjoyed using these dice and tbh just admiring them too.

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    I love them

    Posted by Naomi on Dec 8th 2018

    This is the sweetest idea. I love the sets we got. I've is very aquatic (perfect cuz that's my favorite color range) and one is more all over the place. It's also super cool for seeing which other dice sets you may want to buy

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    The Island of Misfit Dice

    Posted by Kira Holloway on Dec 6th 2018

    This set was perfect! I loved the colors I wound up with, and am going to use this set for my next character for sure!

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    Posted by Ray on Dec 6th 2018

    I love them. I'm not one for mismatched dice, but these sets are really well-curated, they are nice and thought-out palettes, not simply a bunch of random dice.
    I can't wait to create a character to go with each of them.

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    My precious children

    Posted by Cat on Dec 5th 2018

    These good good babies have already fulfilled their potential and rolled a beautiful 20, preventing one of my bugbears from being slung into a zone of darkness. They're part of my go-to DMing set, now! They're also beautiful and a joy to roll. <3

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    Overall - Very Impressed!!

    Posted by Chris on Dec 5th 2018

    The two sets of these I got we're my first Kraken dice and WOWIE, if these dice are B grade I would love to see their best! I could not find a draw on these babies. I was disappointed that the two sets I got were the same colour palette though.
    There were multiple dice in the two sets that were the same colour, I was hoping for different colours! I guess that's the chance you take with getting these misfit babies. Can't beat the price for the amazing quality!

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    My favorite children

    Posted by Melanie Bynum on Dec 5th 2018

    I bought one set of these and immediately I fell in love with them. They reminded me of candy, so I named mine Sugar Rush. They even rolled really well last session. Super proud of my children, 10/10, will definitely adopt more when they come out again.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 4th 2018

    I wasnt disappointed with my pull, I loved all the dice in the pack and was even surprised to see a metal die. I love my misfits

  • 4
    Some Beautiful, some...

    Posted by Rebekah VanSlooten on Nov 24th 2018

    I should have known I wouldn't be a good adoptive parent based on my experience with the mystery bags; I'm just too particular about my dice! That being said, I gave this 4 stars because the idea is great, and the couple dice that I like I reeeally like. However, I received a couple rather boring dice that, like a bad parent, I may not keep.