Steel Goliath single D20

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From the snow topped mountains, to the grass covered valleys, the noble Goliath have begun to gather. Thunder doesn't always come from the air. Gaze with wonder upon the Goliath of Steel. 

 These larger than life dice are a force at any gaming table or a great show piece for your office. These 40mm Goliath dice weigh in at over half a pound and are as imposing as they are beautiful. 

These amazingly crafted dice are made from solid metal and are well balanced, making them ever so satisfying to roll.

  **Please note that these metal dice may have slight surface scratches or edge chipping that fall within acceptable quality levels.


Each Goliath bundle includes: 
• 1 40mm Single Goliath D20 with Kraken Logo.

• 40mm Goliath Metal Die

• Weighs 8.4 ounces

• Kraken Logo Carrying Bag

Solid Metal, Zinc, Nickel, Polishing

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  • 5
    Dire D20

    Posted by Emmie DW on Apr 8th 2020

    This thing is a monster and I couldn't be happier.

  • 5
    Stunning giant.

    Posted by Mario, the Artisan Rogue on Jan 5th 2020

    This die is absolutely my new favorite. For years I had always wanted to own a large “statement” making 20 sider, and when I saw this one for sale, I didn’t hesitate to purchase. It’s solid, clean and wonderful design is a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

  • 5
    Huge hit at Christmas

    Posted by Chelsea on Jan 1st 2020

    We recently took up dungeons and dragons as a very nerdy family. We did a Christmas gift swap and I thought it would be fun to add as an option. It was such a hit that a fight ensued and when the game ended one brother actually bought it from the one who had won. It's a super heavy die, and such fun to roll. Maybe not practical for main use, but definitely worth buying.

  • 5
    Establishing Dominance

    Posted by Samuel Lim on Jun 14th 2019

    Actual review and tl;dr can be found at the bottom: I was rolling poorly most of an entire session, but I was having fun none the less. Seeing this, the DM decided he wanted to take a chance at killing my character through battle. In the midst of battle, he smirked and told me to make a saving throw. When I heard this and saw that smirk, I looked at him square in the eyes and without breaking contact, pulled this behemoth out slowly and revealed to him the newest weapon within my arsenal. His eyes grew wide and he began to look visibly anxious. He knew immediately that he had made a mistake as I began to roll. As I felt this juggernaut of a D20 die leave my hand, I thought to myself that this is what it must be like to throw the legendary hammer Mjolnir. The die then hit and destroyed the table. It proceeded to fall and hit the ground with a force of a small meteor coming in to destroy tiny dinosaurs below it, leaving a small crater to match. The rest of the party yelled and took cover as pieces of the ground and table flew everywhere. Some took cover behind their chairs, other dove for cover behind other pieces of furniture. The DM and I had sat there as calamity raged around us, not moving an inch. A piece of table nicked my forehead and I began to bleed. Still I did not break eye contact, still I did not blink. I just stared at the DM. Once the chaos had settled and silence befell the room. The rest of the party peaked over whatever cover they were behind. Shaking nervously, sweating, and not wanting to break eye contact, the DM asked in a broken voice if I made the save. Without blinking and not looking at the roll I made, I told him a confident and low tone, "I saved". The other party members looked to the monstrous D20 as it sat motionless in its smoking crater. They confirmed I had indeed made the save. The DM not wanting to believe it yelled “GOD DAMNIT” as he broke eye contact with me to confirm it. As he too looked to the die, upon seeing the result he falls to his knees in defeat sobbing. However, it was at this point I began to laugh. Slowly at first and then it became maniacal. The DM and the rest of the party looks at me puzzled, as if I had lost my mind. I look at the DM, then looked at the rest of my party with an evil grin upon my face. I stand up and walked over the to small crater and picked up elephantine die. As I held it in my hand, I stared into the very soul of my DM and said to him in a disturbingly calm voice “It’s top of the round…I now roll for an attack…” Tl;dr – Made eye contact with DM. Rolled this sucker without breaking said eye contact. Established Dominance. Review: This is a phenomenal D20. It is excellently crafted. Feel great to roll. Be warned, this is a hefty, heavy, hardy die and I do recommend rolling this on any normal surface that you are unsure about. You do not want to risk destroying tabletops or dice trays with this sucker. I suggest bowling this bad boy on a carpeted floor for a good sturdy roll.

  • 5
    I mean basically you could KO someone.

    Posted by Iseul on May 23rd 2019

    Other than being a weapon, this thing is a solid piece of awesome. I use this and the other goliaths I have as murder dice when I attempt to wreck my players. :)

  • 5

    Posted by Samantha on Jan 25th 2019

    I bought this for a friend as a VERY VERY VERY early birthday present and I'm so tempted to keep it for myself. It feels so amazing in my hand!

  • 5
    Goliath d20

    Posted by Elijah on Nov 22nd 2018

    This d20 is so big!! I love it. All my players are jealous of it. I rolled it behind my DM screen and they went crazy!! I show it off to everyone!

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