Blue+Yellow+Rose Red Marble Polyhedral Dice Set for RPGS For DnD

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These Shellshocked dice are some of the most beautiful dice I have seen and are perfect for any collection.


• 1 of the following: d4,d6,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12,d20.

• 7pc RPG dice
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers inked in gold


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   RELEASE DATE:    2018
   MATERIAL:    Resin
   INK COLOR:    Gold
   SETS PRODUCED:    Unknown
   MOLD USED:    Unknown
   RARITY:    Common

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  • 5
    ShellShocked - For Real This Time

    Posted by Jeff Hogberg on Apr 25th 2019

    So, after a bit of a hiccup when I initially placed an order for these (which Kraken customer support was absolutely FANTASTIC in resolving!), I've finally got a proper set of ShellShocked to review now, and I could not be more satisfied with the way the colours are scattered throughout the dice.

    Strange as it might sound, the thing that the set reminds me strongest of is the way an oil-slick sits on top of a puddle in a parking lot - a rainbow of colours on top of an asphalt-black base.

    The colours are brilliantly realized throughout the whole set, and all the dice have their fair share of a mix of the colours. This is every bit the centerpiece set I was hoping it would be.

  • 3

    Posted by Kira Sams on Jan 23rd 2019

    I was a little disappointed when I received these dice as they weren't as colourful as pictured. The ones I received were almost entirely green with a few spots of pink. I suppose that's the luck of the draw though.
    I reinked the numbers in dark pink, so they're not a total loss and are still a pretty decent set of dice. I'm just a bit disappointed at the lack of contrasting colours in my own set.

  • 5
    Unexpected Favourites

    Posted by Samantha Clarke on Nov 26th 2018

    These are by far my best mystery bag haul. I couldn't immediately identify them, but I fell in love instantly.
    Mine have more dark green than the image does, and the mix of colours is actually less milky looking in person. The provided image honestly doesn't do them justice... What a gorgeous set!!!

  • 5
    fantastic dice

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 24th 2018

    these dice roll wonderfully and beautifully represent the colours you'd see while diving off the north pacific coast. pearlescent and perfect for the character i bought them for. super happy !!!

  • 5

    Posted by Dave Lalonde on Aug 20th 2018

    These dice are just as beautiful as the pictures would have you expect. In some places they certainly do have more greens than purple, but this is completely normal for such blended dice, and they are wonderful and shimmery and even more beautiful where the purple is equally expressed. The free gifts Kraken Dice provide are always such a lovely touch, too.

  • 5

    Posted by Rachael O on Aug 15th 2018

    I was fascinated by the design and color scheme of these and had to have them. Anyone who has ever bought from Kraken can testify that the pictures just don't do their dice justice and this is exactly what happened. When these Shell Shocked dice arrived I was blown away. To say I am happy with them is an understatement.

  • 5

    Posted by Brittany Parrish on Jul 28th 2018

    These dice make make me want to grab some nunchucks and pizza! Or if Swamp Thing could own a pair of dice, it would be these. Great dice with green opalescent look to them (think oil slick with dark green as the dominant hue.) They were perfect for my husband's tortel character, Master Ooguey. :)

  • 5

    Posted by Brittany Parrish on Jul 28th 2018

    These dice make me want to grab some nunchaks and pizza. Or if Swamp Thing could own a pair of dice, it would be these. They've got a beautiful green, opalescent look to them (think an oil slick, but with deep green as the dominant hue.) The colors in the picture translate perfectly in person.