Blue+Purple Galaxy Polyhedral Dice Set for RPGS

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Whether you just need a new set of dice, are starting as a first time DM, or in a new campaign, and want to gift your new players a set of affordable and readily available dice, Dice Market is the place to go.


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    Posted by Sidney on May 21st 2019

    The glitter is shown a lot more prominently in the picture but the dice are still beautiful! Very nice!

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    Love them

    Posted by Elizabeth Widdifield on Apr 20th 2019

    These galaxy style sets are so far my favourite that I've ordered. They look amazing in the light. The pictures don't do them justice. Unfortunately my D20 has a small imperfection on the 20 side, but other than that I love them.

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    A Lovely Set!

    Posted by Sami on Apr 1st 2019

    These are very pretty and have a wonderful blend of purple and blue that really makes them look like they're from outer space!

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    Super Duper Gorgeous!

    Posted by Alexis Kelley on Dec 20th 2018

    These dice are just as pretty as I expected them to be. I love the little mix of blue that's in the otherwise purple dice. The large chunky glitter makes these dice very appealing. They are exactly as pictured and a very welcome addition to my rapidly growing collection!

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    My Favorite So Far

    Posted by Thes Hunter on Dec 16th 2018

    I have bought TOO many kraken dice here recently, all excellent, but these are so far my favorite. Slightly translucent, that shows off the intense glitter, and then a wonderful shade of purple with just a little hint of blue at times. They are everything I could hope for. (Including rolling a good fair distribution of numbers.)

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    So pretty!!!

    Posted by Megan Knight on Dec 14th 2018

    Love these so much, a beautiful purple/blue really not done justice in the pictures.

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    Sooo light and pretty!

    Posted by Sabrina on Dec 4th 2018

    They are much lighter than they are in the pictured image but Iike them so much more. The sparkle really comes through in a pale purple with swirls of vibrant purple and blue.

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    Very pretty

    Posted by Jackie Heezen on Oct 8th 2018

    I love that the glitter in these is somewhat bigger and more varied in shape than what I've seen in other glitter dice. It's cool that they're slightly see-through as well. Unfortunately, the number 5 on my D6 has a small painting error, but the number is still legible and I have both the skills and tools to fix it myself so it's not a deal breaker for me by any means.

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    Posted by Laura Meadows on Aug 30th 2018

    What a lovely set! They're very pretty, and seem to be quite lucky for me already. They're definitely going to be a go-to set for sessions.