Mulholland Sunset Dice Set With Kraken Logo

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Kraken Dice proudly presents Mulholland Sunset

Few places on earth can match the beauty of a sunset in the Golden State. Just like pulling over the the crest of Mulholland Drive at sunset and seeing the perfect blend of warm colors fill the sky as we continue our daily trek around the sun.

Please note that Mulholland sunset was created as a smaller test run of 1000 gold ink sets and 300 naked sets. 500 gold ink sets will be listed on 08.23.19 and the remaining 500 will be listed at a later, currently undetermined, date. At this time we cannot commit to a second production run for Mulholland Sunset, and it may not return in the future, as we have many other projects and designs we are working through before determining which sets will be mass produced.




• 1 of the following dice: d2,d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12.
• 2 of the following dice: d20 with Kraken logo on 20
• 4 of the following dice: d6


• 12pc RPG dice Set
• Numbers inked in gold
• Includes Velvet Dice Bag

• Please allow 1 week for order processing
• All orders are shipped USPS with tracking numbers, so no lost packages!
• Domestic shipping on orders under 1lb. is just $5, and only $8 for orders over 1lb. Orders greater than 2 lbs will receive additional shipping charges..


Mulholland Sunset uses our new larger mold with our signature d2 and are being produced as test run before determination is made for them to become a regularly stocked item. The first batch we produced 1000 sets in gold ink, and 300 sets without ink.

   MANUFACTURE:    Kraken Dice
   RELEASE DATE:    8.23.19
   MATERIAL:    Resin
   INK COLOR:    Gold
   SETS PRODUCED:    1000
   MOLD USED:    RM.03
   RARITY:    Rare

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  • 5

    Posted by Samantha Dills on Sep 28th 2019

    The color combo is perfect

  • 5
    Some of the prettiest dice in my collection!

    Posted by Livia L. on Sep 22nd 2019

    Although at first the announcement image didn't quite grab me, seeing the live videos absolutely stole my heart, so much that my mother needed to steal my set. I ended up getting another set because I couldn't stand not having them in my dice chest!

  • 5
    Beautiful colors

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 19th 2019

    The dice were stunning and absolutely gorgeous.

  • 5
    sunset incredebly well done

    Posted by Seo on Sep 19th 2019

    My boyfriend got me this pair of dice set. My only issue, but I knew it when I choose them is the sparkles. However there are quite subtle so you can forgive it. At the end, it just depends on your taste.
    Though the colours are perfect for me, I like it because it stands out from al the other dices I have, since it is a colour scheme I don´t own yet. I also like how the colours change from red to yellow, it´s well done if I compare to other dices I have at home.
    Would recommend it, even if you´re a preson that doesn´t like sparkles that much. They are not extremly ´´in your face´´. :)

  • 5

    Posted by Ty on Sep 18th 2019

    These dice match my hair I love it. Think the big one might be cursed though. Wouldn’t roll above a 10 for me during my last boss fight.

  • 4
    I liked it

    Posted by Kent Norton on Sep 17th 2019

    I liked it however the big D20 didn’t have a lot of the different colors in it only yellow and orange

  • 5
    Colors and quality

    Posted by Pasqualle on Sep 17th 2019

    I had my doubts about this set since I'm not a big fan of orange but this set really surprised me and went above the expectations, the layers are beautiful and the colors compliment each other so well. Great quality and distribution of glitter, would recommend this set to anyone

  • 5

    Posted by Barry Duran on Sep 16th 2019

    Simply gorgeous, one of the best glitter sets Kraken has done.

  • 5

    Posted by Zachery on Sep 16th 2019

    I am normally a very cool colored dice kind of guy, but I saw these and was immediately hooked. I haven't figured out what kind of character they are going to go with yet, but they are beautiful and go far beyond my expectations in person.