Missing or Damaged Dice

Kraken Dice works hard to ensure that every customer’s dice order is 100% complete and meets our quality standards. Even with this in mind, sometimes mistakes can happen or errors will slip through the cracks, and when that happens Kraken Dice will do everything we can to rectify the error.

If you receive damaged pieces or are missing dice from your order, Kraken Dice offers several options available to you in order to rectify the problem.

Simply contact support@krakendice.com with pictures of your dice, your order number, and a brief explanation of your concerns and you will have several different options to make it right:

First, a replacement for the error or missing item may be shipped out to you on its own. Due to system integrations these replacements are sent via normal mail and may not contain tracking information.

Second, you may opt to take advantage of a store credit on a future order, and for their replacement dice to be included in that package, which are sent within our normal system and include 1st class postage.

Third, an appropriate refunded or store credit relative to the cost of the unsatisfactory or missing item.

While Kraken hopes to avoid these circumstances in the first place, should either of these situations occur, we offer multiple options in order to reach a solution that each and every customer can be happy with based on their preference of resolution.


***Factory Inspected dice sets are new dice sets that will come in their original packaging. They have all been 1st level inspected by the manufacturer, which is the industry standard for all other resellers, and may include sprue marks, uneven paint, scratches and small dents. Blemishes, acceptable excess or sparse paint, and small scratches or dents are not considered defects and will not be eligible for replacement, the great news is, they do not affect the functionality of the dice or your game play. Any broken, damaged, incomplete, missing, or duplicated items will still be covered under our normal policies. ***