Lime Nougat 7pc Factory Rescue Dice Set

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This and many other Grand Opening Specials will be available Friday January 10th 2020 beginning at 1pm PST at our sister site, Dice Market!


Whether you just need a new set of dice, are starting as a first time DM, or in a new campaign, and want to gift your new players a set of affordable and readily available dice, Dice Market is the place to go.


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  • 5

    Posted by Samantha C on Dec 16th 2019

    Cute rescue set. It's going to be a birthday present and I think she'll love it

  • 5

    Posted by Jake P on Dec 15th 2019

    No visible errors on these dice, but again, its all subject to change per set, they are rescued dice after all. They rolled fine, no jagged edges, and an excellent patterning to boot. A great gift to any fellow Dice Goblins.

  • 5

    Posted by Jonathan on Oct 21st 2019

    High quality worth the price

  • 5
    Factory rescue

    Posted by Tenlee on Oct 3rd 2019

    Perfect filler set. Super affordable and I couldn’t find any flaws.

  • 5

    Posted by Agnete on Aug 14th 2019

    This has become one of my favorite sets ever. Absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so clear and beautiful. Stunning!

  • 5

    Posted by Jenn on Aug 8th 2019

    I’ve looked these dice over a dozen times trying to find a flaw that would make them a factory rescue and I can’t! They’re gorgeous and they roll great! I bought two sets so I’d have extra and I couldn’t be happier! Love them!

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    Absolutely Amazing Dice

    Posted by Kirsten Brents on Jul 9th 2019

    I bought these along with the strawberry and blue raspberry nougat at the same time. I personally believe this was one of my best purchase decisions.

    Firstly, the coloring on the lime nougat is absolutely amazing. They look even more stunning in person, and they are without a doubt one of the most beautiful dice set I own, including my 2 sets of kraken original dice (I'm a fairly new dice goblin with 9 sets of dice and 11 d20s)! The three nougats I purchased look great together, and the lime nougat look so darn cool as a set by themselves.

    Secondly, I've been rolling averages for all my dice, and in general, all the nougat dice are giving me the best rolls out of all my dice (they're still pretty even/random rolls, but they average out slightly above the median number of the dice). My own personal beliefs of dice superstition fall along the lines of "the wand choosing the wizard," so it might not be the case for everyone who get these dice, but mine love me and are giving me fantastic rolls.

    Thirdly, I've noticed no cosmetic flaws on the set that I was sent. I truly lucked out with the lime nougat.

    Tl;dr: best dice I possibly ever bought. My advice: if you want more than one nougat, buy all of the ones you want at the same time. You won't regret it.

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    Very happy!

    Posted by John Mc. on Jul 3rd 2019

    I was a *little* trepidatious about ordering these, but they turned out beautiful, with nothing obvious granting them their “rescue” status. Super pleased with the quality and price!!

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    Fantastic Dice

    Posted by Alexis on Feb 20th 2019

    I can't believe these are factory rescues! They are great-looking dice, with lovely swirls of white and green that goes from almost black to a light mossy color. My percentile dice is almost solid green, but I rarely use the percentile so I don't really care. I am really impressed with the quality and look of these dice.