Factory Rescues

Our Island of Misfit dice recent brought our attention to a situation, on one of their sister islands, where an entire Gelly factory exploded! There were poor abandoned Gelly’s everywhere! Seeing as how we are a benevolent Kraken and don’t think that these poor Gelly dice should suffer; especially not because Mik Orted thought it was more important to go have an argument about whether or not the vending machines in the employee lounge should take coins then watch the pressure regulator, we have scooped up all that we could carry in our tentacles and are sending them your way to find new homes! TheFactory Rescue Gelly dice are relying on you, the Cephalosquad, to give them the chance to roll like they have always wanted!


Each set of Factory Rescue Gelly dice contains 7 standard RPG dice that may suffer from small blemishes, subtle edge defects, or minor paint issues.