Dark Cloud 7 pc Vapor Translucent Dice With Black Swirls

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    Posted by Danielle on Jan 9th 2020

    They are beautiful dice. Only thing is that they could use a bit less of the black, 2 or 3 of the dice almost look like plain black dice. Other than that they look amazing. Got them for my brother, he really likes them and can't wait for our next DND night

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    Unique Under the Right Light

    Posted by Joey on Jan 8th 2020

    The injection method really makes these dice STAND OUT from other mixed color dice. The way the inky black and white mix together really can pop and be a showstopper when it works. Under the right light these dice really shine, but in a dark gaming room, like most of us probably experience, some of the dice my be to black versus the translucent. Still a fun and affordable dice and definitely a great set.

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    Very Cool

    Posted by Kyle Davidson on Jan 1st 2020

    While the amount of black vapor varies from die to die, this set is still very cool and would definitely recommend

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    Very nice!

    Posted by Rebecca Arcangeli on Dec 4th 2019

    Got these during a sale because they matched a character of mine. Very great set, although I find myself wishing the numbers were painted silver rather than gold!

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    Dark Cloud Dice

    Posted by QueerNat20 on Nov 29th 2019

    These dice are great! I’m super happy with them. Unfortunately a couple of them are almost completely black, but in the light you can see the vapor effect. I really like the dice and would recommend them!

  • 5
    Dark and Mysterious!

    Posted by Tory on Oct 25th 2019

    Mine ended up being very dark; not as much clear area, and I love it! It makes the effect more subtle and spooky, especially when the light hits them just right.

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    They live up to their name

    Posted by Dan Kawecki on Jun 11th 2019

    I loved my first set of vapor dice, and I had high expectations, but I was let down. The dark cloud looks more like a storm cloud. I find that there is too much inky vapor so instead of a few swirls of color (like my last set) they almost appear to be entirely black.

  • 5
    Beautiful dice

    Posted by Rebecca Piasecki on May 24th 2019

    These dice are very beautiful, and I really like them. I haven’t played much with them, so I don’t know if they are going to be lucky for me. I obviously hope they will be!!

  • 5
    100% Awesome

    Posted by Unknown on May 22nd 2019

    These dice are exactly what they look like, and I’m really glad I got them!