Crimson Midnight RPG Polyhedral 7pc Dice Set for Dungeons & Dragons

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These Crimson Midnight dice are some of the most beautiful dice I have seen and are perfect for any collection.


Crimson Midnight.... Oh how beautiful these 16mm polyhedral dice are. When these dice were made the combination of crimson red and midnight black were heated up to 275 Fahrenheit, once melted the mixture was poured into a sturdy metal mold. With a flick of the switch the mold spun like two dancing angels of the night, swirling together with vigor and passion. Later that night when the creation cooled down, the mold was opened and the first words heard were.... "Crimson Midnight" echoing from the creators lips. He got his faithful brush out and painted in the dice with a mixture of gold and copper colored paint, rubbed the excess off and nodded his head in approval.

…Cool story, bro

• 1 of the following dice: d4,d6, d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12,d20

• 7pc RPG dice
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers inked in gold


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   RELEASE DATE:    2017
   MATERIAL:    Acrylic
   INK COLOR:    Gold
   SETS PRODUCED:    Unknown
   MOLD USED:    Unknown
   RARITY:    Common

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  • 5
    Very pretty

    Posted by Virginia Langone on Aug 12th 2019

    Really love the color orientation. They are what I wanted and was looking for.

  • 5

    Posted by Shawn M. on Jun 17th 2019

    I'm currently playing a half-orc fighter battle master and these are so cool to whip out for combat! the colors don't look as bright red as they do in the photo; mine look like they could borderline as a dark pink... but they still look bloody for battle. the gold inking really help set the colors up to pop.

    only downside is that i wish they were a deeper, richer red. it's my 3rd time ordering from kraken, and i must say: kraken really does go the extra mile with their product. my dice were nestled safely in a nest of paper grass along with a handful of stickers!

  • 5
    Pretty cool. Going to be a Christmas present for my husband and these are his colors :)

    Posted by Penni on Nov 24th 2018

    Well made, color is awesome.

  • 5

    Posted by Kivinen on Sep 12th 2018

    Absolutely beautiful!! Two sets fit snuly into one dicebag.

  • 5
    Very High Quality!

    Posted by Hugo Lino on Aug 30th 2018

    These dice are the coolest, nicest, and most high-quality dice I have ever laid my eyes upon. Not to mention the company's EXCELLENT customer service! From now on, this is my go-to shop for dice, hands down.

  • 3
    *Shrug Emoji*

    Posted by Kat on Jul 6th 2018

    I bought this set to get a discount on my overall purchase — but I bought the $5.95 7pc set and that’s not listed now and my email wants me to review this set. The color is decent, but they’re a lot lighter than I expected. Also wish I had known there was an 11pc set instead of a 7pc set honestly. 4d6 > 1d6

  • 5
    Great Dice

    Posted by Mike on May 13th 2018

    These dice are quite striking. The combination of the red and black plus the gold numbers is great. I'm really happy with them. Service was great as well.

  • 5
    Quality Product

    Posted by Tyler Seeley on Jan 12th 2018

    The set of dice is very beautiful and cant wait to try it out when playing tabletop games. Was very happy with delivery and timing of shipment. Fantastic job all around

  • 3

    Posted by Andrew on Dec 1st 2017

    The dice are nice the red is a little pinkish but I still like the dice