Carved-Cast Brass Metal Dice Set

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The intricate design of our Dwarven Carved-Cast metal brass colored dice will turn heads and make you the talk of your next game. This metal dice set is certain to get noticed at your next RPG session be it Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other game system. Our Dwarven Carved-Cast dice will make a wonderful gift for that gamer in your life, whether they are a player or game master.

These amazingly crafted dice are made from solid metal and are well balanced, making them ever so satisfying to roll.


• 1 of the following: d2,d4,d6,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12,d20.

• 8pc RPG dice set
• Kraken Dice logo charm
• Foam insert carrying case

Solid Metal, Zinc, Nickel, Polishing

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  • 5
    Awesome Gift

    Posted by Sydney on Feb 2nd 2019

    I bought these for my boyfriend a while ago and our whole group loves them! Everyone always comments on how nice the weight feels. I'd definitely use a dice tray to roll them in because they are metal and might scratch up wood, but neither my boyfriend or I have any complaints :)

  • 5
    So pretty

    Posted by Jil. on Oct 22nd 2018

    These dice are flawless. I love the heft they have in hand. Great production quality and excellent presentation.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 3rd 2018

    They have a really nice weight and heft in your hand and they roll beautifully. Bought these for my brother as his first metal set and he loves them.

  • 5
    Very very pleased

    Posted by Parker Mowat on Sep 17th 2018

    Excellent presentation, the box they come in is attractive and great for storing. The dice themselves are gorgeous with a very nice finish on them. They have a nice weight to them and are pleasantly heavy. Arrived very quickly with no shipping issues. These dice will be a very nice addition to the collection.

  • 5
    Real nice

    Posted by Zachary Martin on Sep 7th 2018

    This is real nice. The full case and well crafted quality dice for this price was truly a great deal, and in purchasing I recieved a set of beautiful misfit dice as well. This has been real nice.

  • 5
    Brass Dice

    Posted by Brad on Aug 29th 2018

    By far the coolest set of dice I've ever seen. Makes me feel like I can bring them to any game with any character and they'll fit right in. Definitely worth the money. You'll have these for a lifetime.

  • 5

    Posted by Matthew L. on Apr 25th 2018

    A wonderful set of seven metal dice by Dwarven Craft. I cannot say enough good things about this set. Color, Shape, Number (readability, style & placement), Weight (Hefty) are an excellent addition to anyone's dice collection.

  • 5
    Brass Dice for the dwarves in your lives~

    Posted by Joshua del Villar on Apr 14th 2018

    These are a beautiful set of dice with very clean lines and a nice weight to them. They aren't too heavy and clink beautifully when you roll them. Perfect for dwarves or steampunk PC's. Get you hand on them quick as you can.

  • 4
    Impressively clean casting and visually pleaasing

    Posted by Andrew on Mar 28th 2018

    The casting on these is quite clean and pleasant and the carved out parts save weight, making these noticeably lighter than full-metal dice, yet still heftier than resin or plastic. They seem a tad smaller as well, but that may be a perception from the carved out bits. Edges and corners are quite sharp, even by metal dice standards so aren't comfortable to fidget with or to hold in the hand. The brass bits can have quite a variance between luster, and it doesn't accept traditional brass polishing well, leading me to question the brass content. Even so, these are very pretty dice to look at, even in the duller parts.