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2 for $35 Resin Dice Sets

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Butter, Y’all 12pc DnD Dice Set With Kraken Logo

This item has been retired and is no longer in production.

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This item is no longer in production.

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• Limited Edition •
release date 9.12.18

Ok Y’All, today on cooking with Kraken, we are going to make some delicious southern seas biscuits and gravy. This is one of our favorite meals, especially because it’s quick and easy to make. First thing we’re gonna need to do is gather up our ingredients. Most any of the ships up above will carry these as regular items, so feel free to just grab the closest one and drag it on down to your lair. 


• 2 D20’s of Kraken Dice’s Butter Y’All*

• 1 lb ground sausage

• 4 slices thick-cut bacon

• 1/2 diced onion

• 2 cloves minced garlic

• 3 tablespoons all purpose flour

• 1 teaspoon salt

• 2 teaspoons black pepper

• 2 cups half and half

• 1 Twelve piece set of Kraken Dice’s Butter Y’All rpg Dice set, freshly acquired on (09/12/18)


Using your best tentacle grab a large skillet, combine sausage, bacon, onion and garlic. Cook over medium heat, until sausage is browned and crumbles. Stir in flour, salt and pepper; cook 1 minute, stirring constantly. Gradually stir in half and half. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture is thickened. Top with Kraken Dice’s Butter Y’All and enjoy!


*Substitute two tablespoons softened butter for two D20's to enjoy a delicious southern gravy that can be enjoyed on top of biscuits or fried chicken.

Please note that as these dice are a blend of colors and pearlescence meaning each set will be unique and have differential color displays based on, production, pigment settling, and lighting.


• 1 of the following dice: d2,d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12.
• 2 of the following dice: d20 with Kraken logo on 20
• 4 of the following dice: d6


• 12pc RPG dice Set
• Numbers inked in gold
• Includes Dice Bag *Multiple dice sets may be combined into a single larger bag during sales and promotions*

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  • 5
    So much prettier in person

    Posted by Lisa C on May 27th 2019

    Butter Y’all was one of my first Kraken Original sets. I’m not a huge fan of yellow, but I saw it was supposed to have translucent swirls (I’m a sucker for those) and figured if I didn’t end up liking them I could always gift them. Long story short, they are more gorgeous in person than the photos show. They catch the light beautifully to show off the swirls inside and are a rich buttery golden yellow. Easily one of my favorite dice sets, one of the ones I use the most.

  • 5
    Like Gold

    Posted by Alexis on May 7th 2019

    I was lucky enough to snag one of these during a limited re-release. As other reviews say, these really have to be seen in person to be appreciated. I would almost say they're like golden little drops of sunshine in your hands. Or yes, like melted butter. :P The point is that I haven't seen a photo that can do these justice. The color and swirls are perfect, and it's truly a shame that these weren't more popular.

  • 5

    Posted by Rory Nafziger on Mar 9th 2019

    I really appreciate the nod to Paula, and of course being a southerner myself, the word "y'all" is a regular in my vocabulary. I admit I initially purchased because I knew it would be discontinued, but was surprised to find how much I love the look of this set.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott C. on Feb 16th 2019

    Sad to see this one OOP, as it is really one of the best kept Kraken secrets in their past inventory. Rich yellow and deep swirls, the set is very reminiscent of melted butter. It's got shimmer and sheen that is a little difficult to capture with just pictures alone. Those who own it know how great it is. If you have a chance to get one, don't hesitate!

  • 5
    Mmmmmm butter!

    Posted by Fuzzdemkn on Jan 26th 2019

    These dice look like melted hot butter, the yellow resin has ribbons/puffs of light yellow white pearlescent glitter in them!

  • 5
    Pictures do not do justice

    Posted by Sarah on Jan 14th 2019

    I started looking at these dice as a joke, who would ever want butter themed dice? Well jokes on me because the more I looked at them the more I knew I needed to have them. Trust me, pictures do not do these beauties justice. A transparent gold/yellow with swirls of gold and silver throughout look so close to melted butter. They nailed the name, they nailed these dice.

  • 5

    Posted by Samantha on Jan 14th 2019

    They're such a pretty shade of yellow (ugh and those swirls? wow)...I'm so glad I caved and bought them!!! A fun note about these guys: they look great in any lighting! I find some sets need certain types of lighting to truly shine, but Butter Y'all does amazing no matter where we're playing!

  • 5
    Absolutely Wonderful!

    Posted by Jared on Jan 11th 2019

    These dice are lovely. They're a golden color that is a LOT like melted butter, but I've also been told by friends they look like honey! I was afraid the numbers would be hard to read, but I've found it easy to read them. They shimmer in the light and with the fact they've got a little more weight in them than my other dice, it's run to roll them (or honestly just look at them between rolls). Kraken also sent me lots of stickers and a cute little bag. I'm incredibly pleased with them and would totally recommend!

  • 5
    Love these

    Posted by Samantha Cyborski on Dec 31st 2018

    I like how these dice look in person better than in the pics. The color swirls gathered in spots and made the dice look like real melted butter. It's still a little hard for me to read the numbers but it isn't too bad

  • 5
    A Great Deal!

    Posted by Wiz on Dec 13th 2018

    These dice are so pretty, unique, and even more shimmery in person. I love the extra dice too!

  • 5
    Butter Y'all

    Posted by Samantha on Dec 9th 2018

    They're beautiful in person! One of my D20s has been lovingly dubbed a chaos die because for me it rolls 1s but rolls normally for everyone else.

  • 5
    I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

    Posted by Kelisa on Dec 7th 2018

    Of the four sets I ordered before the Black Friday sale, this was my favourite. The colour is warm and vivid yellow gold with faint swirls inside it and was most certainly worth the wait!

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