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2 for $35 Resin Dice Sets

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BoogeyMan RPG 11pc Dice Set In Purple & Teal Blue

This item has been retired and is no longer in production.

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This item is no longer in production.

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A long time ago, like way back in 2017, in a cozy lair somewhere deep at the bottom of the sea a brave Kraken ventured forth to bring its artistic vision to the air breathers above. Its first foray into their world was with a vibrant pink and teal masterpiece known as Flamingo Paradice. The adventurous Kraken was so pleased with how their creation turned out that it immediately began work on its next creation; BoogeyMan! With BoogeyMan on its way to the surface the wily Kraken eagerly awaited the surface dwellers response to its latest creation. And waited. And Waited.. And Waited… The seas must have been rough beyond expectation as now 9 months later BoogeyMan has finally found its way to port and is available to be added to collections everywhere!


Kraken Dice is proud to present its latest, and also one of its earliest creations, BoogeyMan. BoogeyMan began production shortly after Flamingo Paradice and before Cotton Candy. After many delays we are finally able to add it to the Kraken Dice collection. Only 500 sets of this dice were produced, as it was created and ordered with the limited resources available to us at the time. We are very pleased with the results and expect to offer a redesigned version of this color pattern in our new molds in 2019.


All fusion sets are manufactured in such a way that every die is unique and may contain a various mix of colors and patterns, so not all sets will exactly match the dice pictured. 



• 2 of the following dice: d20

• 1 of the following dice: d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12.

• 4 of the following dice: d6

• Limited edition only 500 sets made
• 11pc RPG dice Set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers inked in gold
• Includes Dice Bag *Multiple dice sets may be combined into a single larger bag during sales and promotions*


• Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing
• All orders are shipped USPS with tracking numbers, so no lost packages!
• Domestic shipping on orders under 1lb. is just $6, and only $9 for orders between 1 and 2 pounds. Orders greater than 2 lbs will receive additional shipping charges.


Photo and Color Disclaimer

BoogeyMan is a LIMITED EDITION run with only 500 sets made. It's original manufacturing request pre-dates Cotton Candy.

   MANUFACTURE:    Kraken Dice
   RELEASE DATE:    8.24.18
   MATERIAL:    Acrylic
   INK COLOR:    Gold
   SETS PRODUCED:    500
   MOLD USED:    AM.01
   RARITY:    Legendary Rare

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  • 5
    Eerily Amazing!

    Posted by Scott C. on Feb 16th 2019

    This color combination is as true in the pictures as it is in real life. I'm really digging with how well the purple and teal play off of each other. The gold paint is a great choice for this set, and I've been floored by how well it pairs with Ethereal Shaman... the color palettes are nearly identical and total opposites at the same time. I'd be really happy to see this set come back at a re-release in the new molds.

  • 5
    Boogeyman Kraken Dice

    Posted by Jonathan Crouch on Nov 16th 2018

    These are one of the most beautiful sets in my collection of Kraken dice and apparently they are among some of the most rare ever produced by Kraken. Being some of the few that actually have a 20 on the dice.

  • 5
    Beautiful Colors, Almost made for me.

    Posted by Justin Mays on Oct 18th 2018

    I bought this set for my necromancer on my birthday. They're a beautiful shade of teal and purple that match the character quite nicely, my favorite set to date!

  • 4

    Posted by Michael on Oct 11th 2018

    These dice are some of my favorite! The purple in them is so deep and complex. I almost wish mine were mostly all of the purple cause they are incredible. The blue/green is wonderful as well but the purple is where it’s at here.

  • 5
    Beautiful Dice

    Posted by Brian on Sep 24th 2018

    I gave these as a birthday gift to my 13 year old niece. She absolutely loves them. The colors go together so well. I'm sure they'll be enjoyed for years.

  • 5

    Posted by Patrick Philbin on Sep 17th 2018

    These dice are so cool that I almost don’t want to use them, just so I can keep looking at them. They’re properly weighted and have a good balance of color throughout the set.

  • 5
    Such a beautiful set!

    Posted by Amy Pitman on Sep 17th 2018

    Couldn't be happier with the quality and brilliant colors of these dice. And I'm definitely a huge fan of the 11pc sets - I wish every set was an 11pc set.

  • 5
    Great colors!

    Posted by Jenny on Sep 13th 2018

    Really beautiful :)

  • 4

    Posted by andrew cardenas on Sep 12th 2018

    The dice look exactly as advertised! Beautiful purple and teal colors give off the perfect feeling for your spellcasting needs,. My only gripes were 1. My dice were a little blemished from what i assume was from the molding and 2. I really wish they would’ve had the the awesome kraken logo. Cosmetics aside, these are now my main set of dice and love showing them off.

  • 5
    Amazing Color!

    Posted by Reuben on Sep 12th 2018

    Fun Color, rolls great. I wish they had a Kraken logo on the d20's. Love this product!

  • 5

    Posted by meaghan carpenter on Sep 11th 2018

    Teal and purple are my two favorite colors. The shades used in this set are gorgeous and well-matched, and it's so nice to have the extra D20 and D6's. I love and adore them, and they're one of the crown jewels of my dice collection :)

  • 5
    Boogeyman? More like Bestman (ugh)

    Posted by David Miller on Sep 11th 2018

    This set is fantastic, the visual texture and coloring really pops and stands out. Great dice, I hope they put this set back into production.

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