Blue Flowers with Blue Ink Polyhedral Dice Set For RPGs

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Whether you just need a new set of dice, are starting as a first time DM, or in a new campaign, and want to gift your new players a set of affordable and readily available dice, Dice Market is the place to go.


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    Quite nice, but not as pure as expected.

    Posted by Victoria Pietsch on Nov 27th 2019

    I've warmed up to the set overtime, but wasn't too intrigued by it when it first arrived, though part of that is my fault (apparently I don't like clear transparent dice as much as I thought I would). The flowers are cute, and ink color matches them fairly well (which, combined with the transparency of the dice, can make them difficult to read, if that matters to you).
    I studied all of my dice quite closely when I first got them, and noticed small lines inside that followed the shape of each die. If I had to guess, it's an indicator of how they encase the flowers in a smaller resin shape before putting them in the dice; a smart idea for preventing them from touching the outside of the die, but the faint lines it leaves behind takes away from the purity of the set.
    That, and my D12 has a lump on the 2 side, which likely messes with balance and has some ink stuck to it. I'm afraid to sand it down since it might make the dice foggy-looking in that section. Luckily, aside from the ink on it, it is difficult to notice, aside from how the dice sits quite lopsided on that side. I don't mind it too much though, since I likely won't use this set for any campaign.

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    In love.

    Posted by Felicia Torrez on Oct 6th 2019

    I got these dice for a character of mine and I am absolutely in love. These are so beautiful and I will one day order more if I am able.