Alchemical Iron 14pc Blue and Red Silver Ink Dice Set

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Doryma opened the small wooden case and removed two weights, placing them on his scale. Muttering to himself he uncorked the small bottle that sat on the table top in front of him. Carefully measuring, based on the trial and error of his previous attempts, he poured 4 ligula into the stone bowl below the scale. He was certain this time his process would be a success, he combined his carefully measured ingredients into the stone bowl, and after a brief prayer to the gods he allowed his Alchemist’s fire to fulfill its purpose.


Kraken Dice is proud to present our new Alchemist’s Collection. 9 New sets that capture the efforts of Doryma in his attempts to unlock the secrets of the universe through the use of his Alchemical ingredients. 



• 1 of the following dice: d2,d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12.
• 2 of the following dice: d20 with Kraken logo on 20
• 4 of the following dice: d6


• 14pc RPG dice Set
• Numbers inked in silver
• Includes Dice Bag *Multiple dice sets may be combined into a single larger bag during sales and promotions*

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Photo and Color Disclaimer


Alchemical Iron uses our new larger mold with our signature d2 and are being produced as test run before determination is made for them to become a regularly stocked item. The first batch we produced 1500 sets in silver ink. 

   MANUFACTURE:    Kraken Dice
   RELEASE DATE:    01.16.20 
   MATERIAL:    Resin
   INK COLOR:    Silver
   SETS PRODUCED:    1500
   MOLD USED:    RM.03
   RARITY:    Rare

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  • 5
    Enchanted molten artifice

    Posted by Marcio Bonilla on May 6th 2021

    Absolutely enchanting! Love the rust and dark metallic hues. Look just like the pictures.

  • 5
    Nice dice

    Posted by Rocket on Apr 3rd 2021

    Theyre pretty great, the swirls are nice for details and it fits perfectly for my dwarf pc would recommend

  • 4
    Alchemical Iron set

    Posted by Ken Pollock on Jan 6th 2021

    The look is awesome. Cant wait till we actually have a game scheduled so I can use them!

  • 4
    They are really great dice. My brother loved them!

    Posted by Sabreena Smith on Jan 4th 2021

    I was just a little frustrated with the shipping because it took a whole month for it to arrive, but the product itself is really good quality and couldn’t be happier.

  • 5
    Alchemal Iron 12 pc

    Posted by Lia Haskins on Dec 27th 2020

    I love the color of these dice. Each one of them is a little bit different in the coloration and I love the variety. They were a great Christmas present to give!

  • 5

    Posted by Leon Lockmuller on Aug 6th 2020

    The colors on this set are very distinct and visually interesting. Definitely fits the vibe of old alchemy very well!

  • 5
    Love these dice

    Posted by David S on Jul 6th 2020

    Fantastic dice! The pearlescent marbling is gorgeous in person.

  • 5
    Beautiful set!

    Posted by Matt Alves on May 3rd 2020

    The set arrived quickly and without issue. The die themselves are flawless, and the colors are vivid and exceptional. I recently purchased an offical set from WOC, and these are leaps and bounds better.

  • 3
    Just Bummed

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 13th 2020

    I was REALLY looking forward to these ones. The reds and blues looked like they were going to pop really well and I was excited to play them in an ongoing campaign. Sadly, there were barely any hard reds and blues and a whole lot of gray. The reds and blues were pretty muddied and there were no sharp contrasts like those suggested by the pictures. A few of them were alright, but the large majority of the set was pretty underwhelming. :(

  • 5
    Great Visibility

    Posted by Tim on Mar 29th 2020

    If you're an artificer who needs to be able to see your numbers in low light, from a distance, or through the haze of age, these are for you. They feel great, look great, and the large d20 is the perfect size for those big rolls.

  • 5
    Alchemical Iron

    Posted by Scott L. on Mar 23rd 2020

    These dice are beautiful!

  • 5
    Alchemical Iron

    Posted by John Jones on Mar 19th 2020

    I really like these dice. The colors look very natural. It really reminds me of rusting iron.

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