12pc Gummi Shark Polyhedral Dice Set

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Gummi Shark! Good thing they don't smell as good as they look! This 12pc Teal and Dark Blue dice set fits right in line with our new Gummi Candies line, lookin just like everyone's favorite terrors of the deep.

Kraken Dice is proud to announce our newest addition to our Acrylic dice options: Kraken Gummi's. 


*Due to the production method of mixing opaque and translucent acrylics, it is not uncommon to find bubbles in these dice. Bubbles in acrylic dice sets are not considered a flaw or defect, as they do not create a functional impact on the product use.



• 1 of the following dice: d2, d4,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12
• 2 of the following dice: d20
• 4 of the following dice: d6


• 12pc RPG dice

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  • 5
    Gummi Shark!

    Posted by Mariah on Apr 1st 2022

    Bought this set for my husband and they are awesome! Super fun colours.

  • 5
    Look great

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 28th 2022

    Dice look great. They have no defects and are easy to read

  • 3
    Well constructed but meh

    Posted by J Cairns on Mar 2nd 2022

    I was excited when I purchased these, but I was underwhelmed when they arrived. There wasn't a lot of variation of color, they were opaque dark blue dice with slight streaks of teal. They were well constructed and had deep number wells that were painted well. There's still better value in these than in a set of Chessex dice because there are more dice in the set, they were just underwhelming overall. I ended up trading them to a friend.

  • 5
    My fiancé loves this set!!

    Posted by Larissa Rae Salgado on Dec 24th 2021

    Got these for my fiancé as an early Christmas present, and he absolutely loved them! These are beautiful, and legible, the numbers are painted on very well! He was very happy that the set comes with four D6s and two D20s. It even comes with a cool little token that you can flip like a quarter to serve as a D2. There were also two cute stickers included with the order. Thank you Kraken Dice, I will definitely be ordering again soon and so will my fiancé! (He’s officially a new fan lol)

  • 5
    Gummi Shark

    Posted by Russ Conrad on Nov 22nd 2021

    These dice look very sharp. The colors go well with the dark yellow ink.

  • 5
    Love Them!

    Posted by Braden Chaufty on Aug 2nd 2021

    Great colors! Lot more dice per set than any other website I've seen. Love that you get 4 d6's and 2 d20s AND a d2! Never owned one before. Font is very nice on them as well. Only my d10 had some color issues on the surface like a white polishing cream that won't come off, but i can try buffing it more.

  • 5
    Better in person

    Posted by Alyssa on May 26th 2021

    I absolutely love this set of dice. They look like the exact color of gummy sharks, but also can double as looking like stormy waters. Love it a lot more than I expected

  • 5
    I love these when I thought I would just like them

    Posted by Ryan P on Mar 28th 2021

    There is something really satisfying about tumbling these in your hand and rolling them in a tray. Same with the other Gummi colors. I reach for these often.

  • 5
    Nice Dice

    Posted by Iskra on Sep 13th 2020

    I purchased these with eleven other Kraken dice sets and they are just as pictured, seem reasonably balanced, and are aesthetically and audibly pleasing as all dice ought to be. Now I made a rookie mistake of opening all twelve sets of dice at the same time in my enthusiasm without checking each set individually, so this is the only set where I seem to be missing one d6; however, based on my not checking straight from the package that all were present it is likely I could have misplaced a d6 myself so I’m not faulting Kraken because I cannot be sure it isn’t my own error. At any rate, it’s a shame it’s lockdown/quarantine so I’m gaming online, but I’m very happy with them. I would happily purchase from Kraken again.

  • 5
    Gorgeous Dice

    Posted by Raymond on Sep 9th 2020

    I have bought multiple dice sets and these are by far my favorite. The color scheme is incredible and the weight and feel are amazing.

  • 5
    My new favorites

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 3rd 2020

    I have purchased a lot of dice lately and these has quickly become my go to set. I love the color.

  • 5

    Posted by Mel on Aug 27th 2020

    Great quality and beautiful dice! Plus, they came with a dice bag.

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